can this product be white-labeled or private-labeled?
All of our products can either be purchased in bulk at discount rates, with the option of providing you a white label/private label option on any of our natural health product lines. Simply choose the product if choice, and with a minimum order of 100 units per SKU we will offer this service!
what is the turnaround time?
Turn around times depend on the size of the order and whether you want to private label or simply purchase with our existing label in bulk. For example, if you are simply requesting for a bulk/wholesale order of one of our products with our standard stock label, turn around times are typically 7 to 14 days depending on the size of the order. If you are requesting that you would like to white label/ private label any of our products, we would require an extra week or 2 to properly design the label and get the label approved for sale. So with private label addition, the first order on average would take about 3 to 4 weeks. Once your labels are approved and in our system, any future orders are much quicker!
what is the minimum order for white/private label
100 units is the minimum order
How does the process typically work?
Choose a product(s) you would like to build your brand with
Design your label/bottle with our team with several options provided
We ship the product right to your doorstep(or anywhere you prefer)
What is the extra/added cost for white label/private label?
There is only 1 additional optional fee which is based on the cost of the label design. There is a flat $135 design fee if you prefer we create a label design for you. If you provide the design for us, there is no additional fee.
Can we buy samples of any of your products?
We can provide any samples you need on any of our products before placing a standard wholesale/private label order

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